Enns-Wu Plastec GmbH is an interdisciplinary branch specialist for the production of high quality plastic injection molding tools, plastic mold parts, and the assemblage of precision parts made from metal.

We supply companies from varying branches in the sector of injection molding, mold manufacture and precision part assemblage. This allows us to draw on sound branch specific know-how and a broad scope of experience.

We are proud to provide our customers in all areas of business with high quality forms and tools (such as injection molds), no matter their industry.



Our equipment in tool production ensures a maximum of precision and profitability for the construction and production of tools ranging from 1200mm x 1100mm and up to 10 tons.

A range of devices for the inspection and measuring of plastic parts are needed, especially in the automotive sector. These devices are also produced by our tool maker based on customer specific requirements.


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We gladly take over the assemblage of precision mold parts made from thermoplastic polymers for all branches in our injection mold processing.

We assemble cost efficiently in large and small series, on machines with a closing force ranging from 50to up to 1800to. The weight of the finished parts lies between 0.5g and 9800g.



We offer a high vertical production in the manufacture of precision parts with complex geometries and intricate contours. We process individual parts, as well as small and middle series.

Due to our efficient staff, ample machine equipment and large number of suppliers, we can realize your precision parts, from material procurement to the finished end product, without problem.