Quality management is paramount to our company, which is why we commit ourselves to the high standards of quality of our customers and their products. We accompany the production process and monitor the dimensional accuracy of the produced tools and plastic components through modern measurement technology. With the certification ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016, we confirm that our products and operational processes meet the high standards of quality and are oriented towards fulfilling of our customer´s requirements.


From the order placement to the delivery of the injection molding tools, our quality management ensures the compliance of the technological values in every phase of the production process:

    • Quality monitoring of the mold base
    • Material testing of steel
    • Inspection of the individual components of the tool
    • Inspection of the electrodes
    • Inspection of the assemblage
    • Part inspection (FAI, CPK, CMK)
    • Pre-delivery inspection


Our technological equipment for quality control is:

      • 3D-coordinate measuring system
      • contour measuring devices
      • optical measuring devices
      • roughness tester
      • hardness gauges